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 Jigsaw Puzzle



Would you like to explore the world and discover things that no-one has found before? Or be a member of a team of specialists that works to unravel the mystery of the objects found? Just imagine, and the journey can begin today! Together with Franck Goddio, you search through the archives for clues about long-forgotten cities sunken beneath the sea. Dive with his team to discover the wrecks of ships that sank to the depths of the ocean during some fateful voyage long ago. Or maybe you’ll make friends with Skywalker, Sue Hendrickson’s faithful companion. It was Sue who discovered the biggest T-Rex dinosaur ever found!

Children’s Playground contains information, stories and games that give us a look into Franck Goddio’s work. If you have any questions about Franck and his work, please write to us! However, as Franck is often travelling for his missions, it might take some time before he “surfaces” and answers your mail.